Who is she?

Who is she?

I’m Anastasia, a passionate graphic designer and illustrator from Athens, Greece.

At my heart lies a belief: life communicates with us in myriad ways, whispering all kinds of secrets. I strive to capture these fleeting moments, and translate the unspoken dialogues of life into visual narratives.

My designs are stories of optimism and inspiration, crafted to evoke emotions that linger long after the images fade.

In every piece I create, authenticity reigns supreme.

I see design as a journey of genuine expression. Each line, color, and texture embodies a piece of my soul.

My mission is to create connections that resonate and ignite creativity in others.

Collaboration makes creativity fun,  and I’m searching for like-minded souls.

I seek those who dare to dream, feel  deeply, and embrace life.
Together, we can create things that inspire and foster a sense of community.


What I Do Well

I wear lots of hats.


Anastasia Psoinou


Anastasia Psoinou


Anastasia Psoinou


Anastasia Psoinou

Creative Direction

Anastasia Psoinou

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Beloved Partners

Multi-award winning Architect, out of the box thinker and mom of two.


Audience: 10 - 11k
Platforms: IG, Tiktok


Guess who


Anastasia is great at her job! She “feels” my needs and always shows up whenever I need her.

YouTuber, has a cool community of ninjas and believes that the moon is the limit.


Audience: 10 -11k
Platforms: Youtube , X


Guess who


Degen Club

Thank you Anastasia for all your help at DegenClub!🙏 Anyone who needs a graphic designer do not hesitate, she is excellent at her job.

They time-travel you to Mani's Tradition through their delicious creations.


Located in Areopoli
Sold over 200k products


Guess who


Anastasia is growing our brand. From our packaging to our website, she does everything excellently!