Timmy Shot Me

Project ScopeRe-Branding

Date: 2024             Made by James: Challenge

The Timmy Shot Me rebranding, came as a challenge from Made by James Brand Identity course. Timmy Shot Me is an ambitious and rebellious video production company that focuses on telling the stories of change makers.

The Objectives and Goals of this challenge were to create a visual direction that feels rebellious but approachable and a logo that responds to various formats in the digital space.

The inspiration on the redesign of ‘Timmy Shot Me’ is all about that rebellious yet approachable vibe. The customized ‘O’ is a mix of a quotation mark and a camera lens. A nod to our mantra: ‘ Telling Stories – Changing Lives.’ The ‘ME’ in the rectangle shout-out to each of us – we’ve got unique stories that can light up someone’s world. The logo isn’t just a logo; it’s a statement. It’s about storytelling, inspiration, and spark conversations that will change people’s lives.

Our colour selections was inspired by Timmy’s dynamic personality. Keep a dramatic black and white base,
while pop some bold vibrant colours to create contrast and express a positive lively character.

Our Type bold, and rebellious. Using a 3-font system: Title, Display, Body

The brand assets are crafted to whisk you into the ‘street-culture’. Bold, lively, and packed with energy! These illustrations resonate with an aesthetic and aligns with the brand’s dedication to creativity and storytelling They’re not just visuals; they’re a reminder of embracing change.